Chance To Shine MX MXJ MJB AXP MJP2 DOB-3/17/1999

Most will not remember Chance, another of my red Aussies, and also Scoot’s sire.
Chance was not my first agility dog but he was the first dog I competed with. I always told him and still tell him he is the Best Dog In The Whole World.

Chance was a gift from my friend Penny Ewert after we had lost our other Aussie. Penny brought him from Kansas to Texas to try to fill the hole in my heart. Chance immediately had our love. His trip was not without drama, including a car accident on I-20, and he was very wary of his new people and surroundings. I’ll never forget his reaction when I got up from a chair-He went right through the screen door! I guess he thought we needed a doggie door.

We decided he needed agility to boost his confidence and to help form the bond between us. Chance immediately took to the sport. He was always a ‘soft’ dog but would perk up and show off when in the agility arena. His favorite venue was the Reliant Park World of Dog Shows in the heyday when they were running 4 rings plus a special ring for additional dog events. Once, during one if his runs, the loud music of the Dog Dancing competition started up. Instead of being frightened Chance literally swelled up and became even more excited. I think he thought the crowds were there for him.

l owe him so much. Chance taught me so much about agility, teamwork and love. I would not be where I am today had it not been for the scared red dog that came into my life. He is now teaching me about persevering in the face of adversity. Chance is now 16 yrs old. He needs help getting up after laying down sometimes, has the occasional accident, no longer runs after tennis balls and his eyesight isn’t what it used to be. With all that his eyes are still bright and he still chows down like someone is going to take his food away from him.

This donation is my way of letting everyone know how much I thank Chance for everything he has given to me.

Chance is loved by Lynn Morgan

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