OTCH/MACH Val-Laur Nandina Firepower UDX OF
Call Name: Dino

Dino was the son of my homebred OTCH/TDX Spikey out of a litter I bred in 1998.  He was a breeze to train in obedience, practically turning himself inside out to please me.  His obedience career was truly spectacular and mind-boggling.  He earned his first open leg with a 199, High in Trial at our National Specialty and went on to finish his OTCH in 3 brief weekends.

At 6 years of age, he began a whole new career in agility with his best friend, Lori Schulz.  They completed his MACH in Jan. 2009.

Throughout his life he would have given his kingdom for endless food and every opportunity to run really FASSST.  The challenge for both Lori and me was always how to appropriately harness and direct Dino’s intensity, emotion and energy.  He was a master at keeping us on our toes.

He was always the sweetest loving boy who was never far from my side.  In 2006, there was no denying that he was telling me that something was wrong with *my* body.  I owe my life to Dino’s insistence that something was wrong.  I was diagnosed with a very early stage breast cancer which, after treatment, is in remission.

The most wonderful aspect of life with My Special Boy was that he was my ever-present best buddy.  In his own special way, he made certain to teach me aspects of life that I needed to know.

Michael will run in Dino’s honor.

If you would like to donate in Dino’s memory and support Michael, please fill out this form: Support A Participating Dog