Euro von Colberg OAP OJP NFP

Euro was my husband Andy’s Rottweiler. He started agility around the same time as Goose, my dog. He would watch through the crates while another dog was going and couldn’t wait for his turn. Often, Kim would run Euro for me … always fun to watch as he took those jumps the same way he took life, with such enthusiasm and determination to be fast and exciting about it.

Everything Euro did was exciting to him. Always happy to take a drive with the sunroof open, his lips would blow up from the air and flap in the wind. He helped bring up our little girl, from a baby to her big girl years.

It was noticed that Euro’s rear leg was bothering him. Progressively getting worse, we learned he had bone cancer and not much time remaining. We all made the best of his time together and allowed him to go swimming in pools or just anything a dog would want to do when their time is deemed short.

Cancer isn’t ever easy. Losing a dog to cancer is tough because we can’t hear their pain. We heighten our awareness to all the other ways they are telling us they hurt. We are lucky when they tell us we need to let them go in their language. Never easy to let them go, but so wonderful they were in our lives at all.

Aria von Tajgetosz (pronounced: TAJ-GET-TOYS) CGC is running in honor of Euro

If you would like to donate in DaleEuro’s memory and support Aria, please fill out this form: Support A Participating Dog