Galen – Leistungs English Patient April 10, 2003 – June 5, 2015

When we went to the Schip-Nic in August of 2005 I was not intending to bring home another schipperke, especially a boy. I had lost my first schipperke, Bart, to cancer a month earlier, but Roxy was depressed and making sounds I did not think a dog could make. We had my choice between a puppy and Galen. I came home with Galen. It was one of the best choices we have ever made. The G-man, or my baby boy as I called him was very special. He is my most accomplished dog, earning titles in 3 different agility venues: TDAA, CPE, and AKC. He was nearing retirement from agility, only needing 3 more AKC legs for his Masters Preferred Titles, a few more for his C-ATCH in CPE, and then he was going to do barn hunt, and return to obedience with me.

Galen slept with me every night. He was the “yogurt monster”, waiting patiently to clean the yogurt container, before going outside in morning after breakfast. He had a stay in obedience that cost me legs, getting him to come was, Galen, Comecookies, all one word. His favorite toy was 3 foot worm with squeakers in every section, he would squeak all the time and run with it to the doggie door. It had antenna at one time, but those were removed. Galen loved finding rats, but mostly he just liked being on the bed with his people.

He left us way too soon and suddenly, by a silent killer, hemangiosarcoma. On June 5, 2015, John dropped me at work, he and Galen went to an agility trial at Kim’s. We were hoping to finish his JWW Masters Preferred title that day and with luck get a Standard leg, so he would only have one run a day until he got it. Before his second run Galen did not look good, labored breathing, John rushed Galen to the vet’s office, and came to get me. We saw Galen around 4 pm. A little after 5 pm our vet called and said he died.

Ralphie, Tumbleweed’s Something to Believe In is running for Galen, and for Bart. This is Ralphie’s first run, not at practice or agility class. As Joan said he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Galen, Leistungs English Patient:
Barn Hunt: RATI, RATN, 2 open rat legs
CPE: too many to count, 16 legs shy of his C-ATCH
All venues Galen had over 200 qualifying legs.

If you would like to donate in Galen’s memory and support Ralphie, please fill out this form: Support A Participating Dog