lucky jumping pup art

Lucky came into my life in October ’95 from Metro East Humane Society.  At 6 months of age, he thought he was king of everything he surveyed.  So off to obedience class we went, neither of us really liked it but he did get a CD.  One night will waiting for class to start, an agility video was  running and I thought that looked like a lot more fun that we were doing and we become hooked.  Lucky was the first dog of mine that did any competition work.   It is a wonder he did anything with the way we trained back then compared to now.   He quite often would pose for the photographer at the top of the A-frame or at the pivot point of the teeter for a photo opt.  Needless to say we became very bonded and he was the love of my life.  He died in Sept ’10 of lymphoma and kidney failure.

Simba still gets called Lucky quite often.  Simba has his name because when he came Lucky was the undisputed king and was a kind despot.  I thought Simba would be the next king as Simba in Lion King; well that never happened as Simba is very easy going.  Simba was only to be in my life for a weekend.  We had a fun day that weekend, things got slow, so I tried Simba in agility.  He went through the weaves (with wires the first time to get to me).  Valerie Taylor and Wendy Scheffler said he is in love with you already, you cannot send him away.  He went to his new home and said I don’t like it here so he got to come back any live with me happily ever after.

Simba is in running in memory/honor of Lucky.  Lucky was loved by Fay.

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