Mc Bear’s Mind Over Matter AX OAJ

Call name: Magic

12/16/1996 – 4/11/2011

I met Magic when she was just 6 months old. She used to stay with me when her canine siblings would compete in out of town agility events.  A month after I bought my house, Magic came to live with me permanently. Much thanks to Lori S. for this privilege.
Magic lived a robust, energy-filled life of over fifteen years. She had a knack for enchanting everyone she met.  She understood Canine, English, and Spanish.  She loved to greet visitors with a large maple leaf retrieved from our yard.  Her laid-back, happy nature made her a good companion. She had a gentle way of reminding you to slow down and take a moment to live in the present.  She is still missed.  – Deborah V.

Sierra’s Camille – A Leap of Faith will be running in Magic’s memory.

If you would like to donate in Magic’s memory and support Camille, please fill out this form: Support A Participating Dog