ARPH Sydney 4455, CD, MX, MXJ, CGC, TDI therapy dog

Call name: Sydney

I was supposed to be her foster mom, but I knew as soon as I put her in my car that I would be taking her home for good!  She had been a chronic runaway in a previous home and promptly jumped the four foot fence when she was put in the back yard, but she came right back and never ever jumped that fence again!

Sydney was my Novice A dog in both obedience and agility.  We took first place in our debut in Novice obedience, but when we discovered agility, that was where we stayed!  I always thought Sydney would make a fine therapy dog, and after achieving the MX and MXJ titles, we became certified through TDI and began visiting local nursing homes.  The residents loved my beautiful girl and more than one told me stories of their dogs as they petted Sydney.  She was able to break through to one resident who had been unresponsive to the staff.  They were amazed at his smiles and joy when she visited and she  helped him along on his long road to recovery from a devastating stroke.

As the years rolled on, Syd welcomed each new addition and showed them the ropes at home.  No doubt, she would have made a fine mother, as she absolutely LOVED puppies!  She was always up for fun and games and truly loved life.  The disease which took her life never broke her beautiful spirit and she left my world a better place for having been there.  Run free, my sweet Sydney!

Loved by Mary Mackenzie. Mary lost Sydney to hemangiosarcoma.  Dylan will run in her honor.

If you would like to donate in Sydney’s memory and support Dylan, please fill out this form: Support A Participating Dog