Our original goal was to raise $2000 for Chase Away K9 Cancer.  After four days we more than doubled that goal.  Much thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, the bake sale, the shirts, and the raffles.  And much thanks to everyone who supported this very worthwhile cause.


This Year’s Rosettes

2015 ribbon
Some may not realize that different ribbon colors have different meanings. For this year’s rosettes we chose lime green and purple because of the meaning behind them. Lime green is the color associated with lymphoma, one of the most common of canine cancers. The second color is royal purple, associated with cancer survivors – and that is the goal is of cancer research, to survive this dreaded disease.

To maximize the donation to Chase Away K9 Cancer, the rosettes were not paid for out of the participants entry fees; they were donated by the following people. Thank you for your support.

Erin Johnson Powell- in honor of all her four paw friends that have crossed the rainbow bridge too soon

Marjorie (Sue) Phillips – in honor of Gretchen and memory of Rachel

Chris Brewer – in memory of Madison

Stephanie Langston – in memory of Lexie

Angela Evers – in memory of Andy, Shane, Helen, and Wizard

Bob Bruce – in honor of his young dog, that he may never battle this disease

Vicky Miller – in memory of Xander

Ellie Schaefer – in honor of all dogs fighting cancer

Lori LeBlanc – in honor of Jake’s oncologist, Michael Buss, DVM who gave us this extra time

Carol Easterley – in memory of Lexie

Bake Sale Items Needed

Want to help raise money for Chase Away K9 Cancer and do not have a dog to enter in our Run Again? How about bringing a baked good for our bake sale! We will have a bake sale over the weekend and we are looking for donations. Please fill out our contact form if you have something yummy you would like to bring and we’ll forward it to our bake sale coordinator.

Start time ~ 3:30 pm

The APPROXIMATE start time for Run Again will be 3:30!!!! Please note this is an approximate time and not set in stone. We currently have 50 entries!!! So excited as we get closer to honoring our 4 legged friends.  More updates to come as the event approaches.

Don’t forget to check out the Biographies of all the dogs being honored by RUN AGAIN.